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Deeply Effective and Gentle Lymphatic Therapy


Welcome to Aurora Borealis Bodywork!

I specialize in Lymph Therapy, which is a gentle, deeply effective, hands-on therapy that works with the lymphatic system in the body (essentially our drainage system and a key element to our immune system) to relieve inflammation, swelling, tightness and pain all through the system including the skin, muscles, bones, connective tissue and organs (please note: I DO NOT WORK WITH LIPOSUCTION CLIENTS. Please see the Other Providers Page on my website for referrals).

This specific type of lymphatic therapy is taught by the world renowned Chikly Institute, which is lead by medical doctor and osteopath Dr. Bruno Chikly, (, and is the only lymphatic school in North America which teaches a protocol enabling the practitioner to feel the lymphatic flow, volume and speed in all different levels in the body and work in harmony with the area in need.

These osteopathic-based techniques are used to gently open up and release swelling, inflammation and reset the body back into optimal flow. Clients commonly report immediate increases in range of motion, and decreases in pain, swelling and discomfort.

Lymph Sessions are commonly used on a regular basis to open the organs and body for detox, for low back or neck pain, shoulder, hip and knee joint issues, tight neck and shoulders, or with issues like bloating, constipation, and a general feeling of "sluggishness" in the system. Lymph work is a gentle, healing, and wonderful way of "moving your system" into a more balanced state of function and flow, and feels profoundly relaxing! 

"Lymphatics are the next frontier of discovery in human disease. Long ignored because of their subtlety and complexity, the mysteries of our cellular ‘waste disposal’ system have been comprehensively deciphered by Bruno Chikly." Mehmet Oz, M.D., Cardiothoracic surgeon, Author of “Healing from the Heart”.

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LOCATION: My office is conveniently located just minutes from the I75/Big Beaver exit, and south of Big Beaver on Crooks Road (less than a minute north of Maple Road, and east of the Troy Motor Mall). 1890 Crooks Road, Suite 201, Troy, MI 48084.

Tasha Gavan, Owner, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Lymphatic Therapist, Insured (970) 274-1077