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Deeply Effective & Gentle Lymphatic Therapy and Intuitive Energy Reading


Aurora Borealis Bodywork is not accepting NEW clients at this time. 

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Welcome to Aurora Borealis Bodywork for Lymph Drainage and Intuitive Energy Balancing

(New Client appointments must be approved first based on medical condition and history due to the deep nature of this work. Please call Aurora Borealis Bodywork/Tasha Gavan (970) 274-1077 to discuss your needs and pre-qualify for a session, whether it is for in-office work or distance energy balancing). 

Aurora Borealis Bodywork was started in 2006 by Tasha Gavan, and after almost 15 years of bodywork and energy training, Tasha now offers a unique blend of lymph therapy and intuitive energetic balancing, which is a beautiful combination of gentle, deeply effective, hands-on therapy.

Tasha uses her advanced lymphatic training to touch the body and assess the body's lymph blockages (which lead to swelling, pain, stiffness, and many other issues), and then gently opens blockages and areas of pain and swelling using lymphatic drainage techniques and gentle energy releases, which may help reset issues all throughout your system including skin, muscles, bones, connective tissue, joints, intestines and stomach, all organs, brain/skull issues, and issues of the organs of the senses: eyes, nose, ears, mouth (please note: I DO NOT WORK WITH LIPO/BBL/POST COSMETIC SURGERY RECOVERY CLIENTS. Please see the Other Providers Page on my website for referrals). I am an advanced trained Lymph Drainage Therapist, however the training and techniques required for the possible disruption of the lymph system due to cosmetic surgery is outside of my scope of practice. Please see the Other Providers Page on this site for a recommendation to a therapist who is qualified to assist post-cosmetic surgery procedures. This is a separate certification from Advanced Lymph Drainage. 

This specific type of lymphatic therapy is taught by the world renowned Chikly Institute, which is lead by medical doctor and osteopath Dr. Bruno Chikly, ( or Google/YouTube Dr. Bruno Chikly for more info and videos), and is one of the only lymphatic schools in North America which teaches a protocol enabling the practitioner to feel the lymphatic flow, volume and speed in all different levels in the body using touch, and works with the body in harmony to release and balance the systems. These osteopathic-based lymph techniques are used to gently open up and release swelling, inflammation and reset the body back into optimal flow. Clients commonly report immediate increases in range of motion, and decreases in pain, swelling and discomfort.

The unique style of Tasha's energy techniques are a culmination of years of study and also a natural gift to "see" and feel energy disturbances in the body (which "show" as your symptoms). Many of these disturbances for people are just areas of energy block, which have not been addressed by other more traditional forms of bodywork that only address the physical tissue. Energy blockages happen when there is pain, trauma, prolonged inflammation, surgery, or dis-ease (mental, emotional or physical) which then can become "associated" with an area. This is often why common fixes like diet, exercise, and stretching will not alleviate issues. The area needs to be reset with a lymph and energy release, and then the body can flush the tissues and begin to start the healing process. 

Tasha's sessions are commonly used on a regular basis to open the organs and body for detox, for low back or neck pain, shoulder, hip and knee joint issues, tight neck and shoulders, or with issues like puffiness, bloating, constipation, and a general feeling of "sluggishness" in the system. This work can also be helpful with symptoms of anxiety, depression, and a feeling of disconnect. This unique work is a gentle, healing, and wonderful way of "moving your system" into a more balanced state of function and flow, and feels profoundly relaxing! 

Appointments are made BY REQUEST ONLY at this time.

Please call (970) 274-1077 to reach Tasha directly for more information, or to make an appointment. You may not book or pre-pay for an appointment first without going through a medical history screening. 

LOCATION: The office is conveniently located just a few minutes west from the I75/Big Beaver exit, and right on Big Beaver Road at: 1985 West Big Beaver Road, Suite 304, Troy, MI 48084.

Tasha Gavan, Owner, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Lymphatic Therapist, Certified Intuitive Reader, Insured (970) 274-1077